Atelier LD | The Dijon-Burgundy eco-park
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The Dijon-Burgundy eco-park

A sustainable mixed-use business park for industry

The Dijon-Burgundy eco-park

A sustainable mixed-use business park for industry

The Dijon-Burgundy eco-park project, in the eastern Dijon conurbation, consists of designing a mixed-use business park occupied primarily by sustainable industries, as a flagship for regional development. Its goal is to be a pilot project in terms of quality of use, and environmental ambition.

The project’s strengths include density of construction and usage, pooling of services, and modular spaces – breaking with the standard principles of business park design. The eco-park has an exceptional number of communal spaces having maintained large, non-urbanised zones in the form of corridors, while the urbanised spaces include a wide variety of service hubs.

The objective of the eco-park’s development plan is to have as little impact as possible on the current water cycle. This starts with the recovery and reuse of existing systems that stem from the agricultural heritage of the site, e.g. drains and ditches. The introduction of an open-air gravity system requires close attention to the existing topography. Phytoremediation and sand filter systems mean pollutants can be treated before being discharged downstream. The aim to limit earthworks is also part of efforts to keep impact on the site to a minimum.


SPLA de l’Agglomération Dijonnaise


Creation of a eco-business park


Overall master plan, landscape design, roads & utilities (VRD), hydrology


Saint Apollinaire (21)

Design team

ATELIER LD (lead designer: urban design, landscape design, roads & utilities (VRD) and hydrology), ID Conseil (BET environment), SEPIA Conseil (BET hydrology), COBALT (lighting designer)


Year: 2011 – ongoing // Area: 185 hectares (phase 1: 30 hectares) // Cost of work: €15.5M excluding tax