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Urban planning

Designing the cities of the future

Our multi-disciplinary team designs and organises the cities of the future: their public spaces, urban landscapes and mobility frameworks. From careful analysis of a site – to a detailed plan of the project.

To ensure the sustainability of the new neighbourhoods, we envision the places and ambiences that meet immediate needs of their users, all the time ensuring scalability. And to assure the consistency and harmony of the build environment and public realm, we develop design guidelines that serve as a base for future projects. We also co-design and evaluate individual architectural projects to verify their compliance with the guides provided.
In all our projects we engage in an active dialogue not only with our clients, but also with the communities whose lives will be impacted by them. We build on local knowledge and organise workshops and conferences, giving the opportunity to all stakeholders in a project to participate in the design process.



making the most of site potential

At Atelier LD we attach great importance to the history of a site. For us, the first step of sustainable development is to respect the existing topography. We therefore prefer to embrace natural curves, rather than resort to expensive and environmentally harmful terracing when delivering infrastructure and architectural projects.
We study the links and connections with the existing environment both at local level, and at the level of the wider landscape. This helps us integrate the project into its context, preserving or recreating existing continuities (e.g. ecological corridors, visual perspectives or road routes).
More than just a breath of fresh air at the heart of an urban environment, vegetation plays an active role in maintaining the comfort levels of public spaces. By choosing plant species adapted to the site, we design robust landscapes that help shape the identity of a neighbourhood.


Urban Engineering

Roads & utilities (VRD):
A creative approach, right from the start

Atelier LD ensures the design and operational project management of road and utility projects, from the initial concept, through the detailed design stage, to project completion and handover. In an effort to go beyond current standards we develop a creative and innovative engineering process, specifically adapted to each project.
Drawing on LD’s collective experience, our engineers – assisted by architects, urban designers and landscape architects – implement the technical solutions best adapted to the purpose. Our curiosity – and a desire to go beyond the conventional – drive us to innovate continually.



Managing water, our guiding principle

At Atelier LD we’ve put rainwater at the heart of our projects. Both powerful and, at times, indomitable, it’s a natural element we’ve learnt to tame, preserve, purify and reuse. Since our inception we’ve built our projects around the “blue corridor”, proposing nature-based solutions (NBS) to control it that enrich the landscape we create – while protecting their users. Water, along with soil and vegetation, is one of the key pillars of urban development today; when successfully managed, it not only increases the resilience of a project but also adds a valuable aesthetic element.
Right from the initial design stages, our engineers work with architects and landscape designers to integrate rainwater management, developing technical design solutions throughout the stages of project development.

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