Atelier LD | The Beauséjour urban development plan (ZAC)
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The Beauséjour urban development plan (ZAC)

Urban project

The Beauséjour urban development plan (ZAC)

Urban project

The neighbourhood of Beauséjour, with its sweeping views of the Indian Ocean in the north of Réunion Island, is a flagship project for sustainable towns. Destined over time to welcome more than 8,000 inhabitants in 2,300 dwellings, it represents a unique example of applying ecological development principles in a tropical environment.

The specificities of Réunion Island’s geographical context – cyclonic rain, intense heat, constraining topography and endemic ecosystems – have resulted in the design of unique public spaces. Rooted firmly in the site, they provide a quality of atmosphere essential for meeting the challenges of a town where all the amenities are accessible on foot.

The layout of public spaces, surrounded by highly urbanised areas connected to more natural zones, optimise user comfort. Designed by the agency Tekhné and Atelier LD, the urban design is built around paths formerly used for sugar cane production, which the neighbourhood is transforming.

A canopy of plants provides shade and coolness for the streets and the facades of buildings. Linear parks, along the ravines that cross the site, offer densely planted  green corridors, which reduce the effects of the heat thanks to the evapotranspiration of the vegetation.


CBO Territoria


A mixed-use urban development plan (ZAC) comprising more than 2,300 dwellings, shops and facilities.


Master plan and public realm design & implementation


Sainte Marie, Réunion Island (974)

Design team

TEKHNE (lead designer: head architect), ATELIER LD (lead designer: public realm design and project implementation) & LD Austral (landscape design), UPAU (landscape architect associate), LEU Réunion (landscape architect specialised in local flora), SCÈNE PUBLIQUE( lighting designer), EGIS eau (roads & utilities (VRD)), CER (dry networks)


Year: 2011 – ongoing // Area: 78 hectares // Cost of work: €27M excluding tax