Atelier LD | The Belle-Chasse neighbourhood
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The Belle-Chasse neighbourhood

Ribay-Pavillon urban development plan

The Belle-Chasse neighbourhood

Ribay-Pavillon urban development plan

The Belle-Chasse neighbourhood, in the western conurbation of Le Mans, is situated in amongst recent suburban developments, land designated for a future urban development (Rougemont) and a wooded area that marks the entrance to the city.

There are a number of challenges in developing the conurbation, including reshaping the gateway to Le Mans and creating a transition with the woodland (taking into account the planned changes for the surrounding areas), plus connecting the new neighbourhood with the existing urban fabric and to the centre of Le Mans.

The plan proposes a pragmatic, mixed-use project based on clusters: an area in the south designated for economic activities, plus 410 dwellings divided into apartment blocks, detached houses and townhouses.

The cornerstone of the neighbourhood’s layout is a large green belt, integrating wooded footpaths running east-west that form a continuity with the neighbouring forest. Crossing them from north to south is a “backbone” green – blue corridor that ensures recovery of rainwater. The north-south corridor allows for landscaping an area of the site that contains a high-voltage line, and is therefore a no-building zone.

The water management system aims to maintain the constant visibility of surface rainwater, and the plots on the main road are designed to largely avoid access routes that would cut off the ditch running alongside it.




Development of 411 dwellings and a 13 000m² business park


Overall urban design & public realm master plan, landscape design and roads & utilities (VRD)


Le Mans (72)

Design team

Atelier LD (lead designer) urban design, landscape design, roads & utilities (VRD), MVT Architecte (coordination of architectural activities)


Year: 2014 – ongoing // Area: 30 hectares // Cost of work: €7M excluding tax