Atelier LD | The WOODI eco-neighbourhood
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The WOODI eco-neighbourhood

An urban development plan of 2,700 dwellings

The WOODI eco-neighbourhood

An urban development plan of 2,700 dwellings

The WOODI eco-neighbourhood is situated between town and countryside on the northern edge of Melun’s urbanised area. The urban planning objective is to imbue the neighbourhood with its own identity, while enabling the coexistence of different architectural and landscape ambiences that perfectly match their purposes: at the centre, an urban square surrounded by apartment buildings of dense housing, and a concentration of urban services; on the outskirts, a reinterpretation of the traditional Brie property in the “inhabited” woods.

The ecological challenges posed by the demands for high environmental quality combine with the urban challenges of a new neighbourhood on this scale. The answer is found in an urban composition that highlights diversity on every level: public spaces, private gardens, buildings, water and plants exist in different forms to create a rich, abundant palette of ambiences.

                                                                                                                                                                                           The design of public spaces is adapted to the existing topography of the site, and responds to existing landscape heritage to include an urban corridor, green spaces and an open-air system of rainwater management – interconnected, and complementary.

A highlight of the project is the permanent pond and outflow for the site’s storm waters. Its landscaped banks will not only encourage residents to take ownership of the area, but also allow for the development of recreational activities.


SAS de la Plaine de Montaigu


Urban design), landscape design and comprehensive masterplanning of public spaces (parks and roads) + OPC


Implementation of an urban development plan of 2,700 dwellings with public facilities, retail units and urban parks.


Melun (77)

Design team

ATELIER LD (lead designer: urban design, landscape design, hydrology and roads & utilities (VRD)), SOREC (VRD co-contractor), COSITREX (transport/mobility), COLORADO, VIZEA (ENR) (environmental quality), ON (lighting), MEDICO (health consultancy)


Year: 2011 – ongoing // Area: 63 hectares // Cost of work: €20M excluding tax // High Environmental Quality Certification

Maître d’ouvrage

SAS de la Plaine de Montaigu


Conception en urbanisme (mission d’urbaniste-conseil), conception en paysage et maitrise d’œuvre complète des espaces publics (parcs et voirie) + OPC


Aménagement d’une ZAC de 2700 logements avec équipements publics, commerces et parcs urbains


Melun (77)

Equipe de conception

ATELIER LD (mandataire : urbanisme, paysage, hydraulique et VRD), SOREC (VRD cotraitant), COSITREX (déplacements), COLORADO, VIZEA (ENR) (qualité environnementale), ON (éclairagiste), MEDICO (conseil santé)


Année : 2011 – en cours // surface : 63 ha // montant des travaux : 20 M€ HT // Certification HQE Aménagement

Paris Region