Atelier LD | Multimodal transport hub
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Multimodal transport hub

Redesign of the public spaces around the railway station

Multimodal transport hub

Redesign of the public spaces around the railway station

Today the project’s site fulfils a multitude of functions: “gateway” to the town, an urban centre and a major public space. Today it already functions as an important transport hub (an RER station, bus station, park and ride, and bicycle parking), with a number of leisure and retail outlets. The main challenge of the project was to give the site a new identity, to forge a strong, coherent image through an improved functionality, increased legibility, a continuity within the diverse mix.

The project provides a spontaneous green intensity that is connected more strongly to the environment of the town and the surrounding landscape. Within the existing tide of asphalt, a verdant presence is making itself felt – thanks to the new link to the valleys, to the Parc du Germentes, the Île Mystérieuse, and natural and agricultural spaces.

Work on channelling the water allows for irrigating the site and investing it with a new-found fertility. The Parvis des Mobilités (Mobility Esplanade) gives priority to pedestrians, who can easily mix mobility options thanks to the buses and bikes.

The presence of greenery is a defining element, bringing together the spaces around the station hub. The richness of plants counterpoises the mineral aspect of the surrounding neighbourhoods, and the austerity of the transport networks.


EPA Marne-La-Vallée and the municipality of Bussy-Saint-Georges


Redesign of the public spaces around the railway station


Design and complete landscape design


Bussy-Saint-Georges (77)

Design team

GROUPE 6 (lead designer, urban design), ATELIER LD (landscape design), ON (lighting designer), SAFEGE (Roads & Utilities)


Year: 2012 – ongoing // Area: 3.8 hectares // Cost of works: €6.3M excluding tax

Paris Region