Atelier LD | HEQ Business Park – head office of SEB International
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HEQ Business Park – head office of SEB International

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HEQ Business Park – head office of SEB International

This High Environmental Quality (HEQ) business park – and head office of SEB International – is set on a former industrial site. The challenge in creating outdoor spaces was to rebuild an environment that encouraged the creation of new habitats. This meant working as much as possible with pre-existing materials, and forging a strong relationship between the landscape, water and the project’s architecture. In keeping with our philosophy, the development aimes to keep the stormwater discharge at pre-development levels. The landscape ponds and swales designed to capture, store and treat the stormwater provide an attractive visual feature within the new landscape.

The water is harvested in a large waterproof pond, and a system of lagoons and filtering reed beds were introduced to recycle water – ensuring water supply to the decorative pond at the entrance. A waterfall aerates and oxygenates the filtered water. The islands in the middle of the pond fulfil a technical function (rainwater harvesting and filtering), and enhance the ambience.

Awarded Silver in the 2008 Landscape Architecure Awards, Business category.


Sogelym – Steiner


Design and comprehensive master planning, including landscape design, roads & utilities (VRD) and hydrology


Landscape design with integrated rainwater management


Ecully (69)

Design team

SUD ARCHITECTES (lead designer: architecture), ATELIER LD (landscape design, VRD, hydrology)


YEAR: 2006 – ongoing / Area: 6 hectares / Estimated cost of works: €2M excluding tax

Rhone - Alpes