Atelier LD | Louvres-Lens Park
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Louvres-Lens Park

Coordination of exterior urban design

Louvres-Lens Park

Coordination of exterior urban design: landscape design and roads & utilities (VRD)

Atelier LD was selected by the contract-winning team and the local authority for urgent intervention in the project. The challenge was to provide technical solutions to Catherine Mosback’s urban planning design, declared unfeasible by the sub-contracting companies (Eiffage and Eurovert). We were selected based on our know-how – increasingly recognised by our peers and institutions (see the R&D indicators in our presentation brochure) – and our capacity to build on it through an experimental, developmental approach.

The project involved the creation of a museum fitting seamlessly into a surrounding  park, set to become a showcase for France. Selected by the Nord-Pas-De-Calais region (the client), the project was therefore extremely ambitious, proposing unique urban planning solutions both in terms of architecture and landscape.

The project’s ambitious artistic dimension required bespoke technical solutions, which were developed by the Atelier LD’s engineers and landscape architects.


Nord-Pas-de-Calais region / Masterplanning representative: SEM ADEVIA & H4


Development of technical solutions for project’s implementation, tender drawings, works supervision during construction phase


Detailed landscape design, Atelier LD sub-contractors for SANAA Ltd Architect


Lens (62)

Design team

SANAA Ltd – lead contractor architect // Catherine Mosbach – landscape architect // Atelier LD –  Detailed landscape design (landscape and roads & utilities (VRD))


Year: 2010-2013 / Area: 20 hectares / Cost of work: €19M excluding tax

Museum, Public spaces