Atelier LD | The” Pièce du Jeu” urban development plan
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The” Pièce du Jeu” urban development plan

The” Pièce du Jeu” urban development plan

The Pièce du Jeu urban development project (ZAC) is built around a park and a large square – major living spaces in the heart of a neighbourhood.

The public spaces, defining features of the development, provide a link between the existing sports facilities, the future school and the residential area comprising 300 dwellings.

A hierarchical road network improves the neighbourhood’s overall legibility and reduces traffic impact. Many pedestrian walkways allow more direct access to the neighbourhood’s strategic points.

In keeping with sustainable development principles, nature-based water management is a key factor in the ZAC. Different systems allow for optimising rainwater management and the conservation of drinking water resources. Rainwater is put to careful use as a key contributor to the living conditions of the neighbourhood, thanks to a series of landscaped bio-swales and ponds which act as filters and help the water to slowly permeate into the ground.

The green spaces represent an important part of the overall development. In order to optimise the management cost (and avoid reducing their size) a differentiated management strategy has been developed according to their function. The two main types of space managed in this way are:

– Semi-natural spaces: the wetlands in the park, swales  and green verges along the path (minimum to no maintenance required for a vast majority of the project’s green public spaces)

– Maintained spaces: the large lawns in the main park, the gardens in the square, the spaces at the entrance to the development and the roadside trees (more maintenance required).

The eco-neighbourhood’s aim is to be a pleasant living space for everyone, connected to the old town, where all the residents can meet and make the most of the parks, the greenways and the little squares.




Comprehensive urban master plan, architect-coordinator, water legislation dossier, development and plot level design guidelines ( urban, architectural, landscape and environmental)


Development of 300 dwellings, public amenities (school)


Guignes (77)

Design team

Atelier LD (urban planning, landscaping and roads & utilities (VRD))


Year: 2010 – 2017 // Area: 14.28 hectares // Cost of works: €5.5M excluding taxes

Paris Region