Atelier LD | The “Croix de l’Orme” urban development plan
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The “Croix de l’Orme” urban development plan

A new neighbourhood

The “Croix de l’Orme” urban development plan

A new neighbourhood

The Croix de l’Orme new neighbourhood – situated near the centre of Bruyères-le-Châtel with a panoramic view over the valley – is a mixed-use project comprising a facilities hub, a large park and different types of dwelling.

The project’s originality stems from the active partnership set up between developers and social housing providers right from the first meetings. This collective reflection on urban and property challenges has given rise to an optimised project that meets both the client’s need for quality, and market requirements. The result is a project with consistent urban forms, varied architecture and bold colours adapted to each micro-sector: the park surroundings, the functional, minimalist dwellings organised on plots – and a community spirit with a range of innovative models.

The presence of wetlands on the site was a major factor in the project design. The development plan was adapted to minimise the impact on wetlands, and compensate for those destroyed by the project’s works. The wetlands enhance the “green” infrastructure of the project, and have been connected & integrated into the open-air rainwater management system.

The road network preserves the site’s agricultural roads and discourages shunt routes to create a peaceful, attractive neighbourhood. The project participates in a Quality and Environment certification scheme, with each part of the work requiring a Sustainable Development Management Programme certificate – a process that serves as a monitoring tool to ensure the quality of the operation.


Grand Paris Aménagement


Comprehensive urban design & public realm master plan, ZAC implementation dossier (dossier de réalisation de ZAC), architect-coordinator, water legislation case building.


Development of 500 dwellings, retail units and public realm


Bruyères-le-Châtel (91)

Design team

Atelier LD (lead designer: urban planning, landscape design, roads & utilities (VRD), hydrology), H4 (environment)


Year: 2014 – ongoing // Area: 16 hectares // Cost of works: €6M excluding tax