Atelier LD | Multi-site urban development plan (ZAC) in the Thérain Valley
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Multi-site urban development plan (ZAC) in the Thérain Valley

Beauvais – development of a new neighbourhood

Multi-site urban development plan (ZAC) in the Thérain Valley

Beauvais – development of a new neighbourhood

A variety of activities were traditionally set up along the SNCF’s railway lines, at the heart of the Thérain Valley. Today, several are in decline or have relocated, leaving vast swathes of industrial wasteland just a stone’s throw from the Beauvais town centre and railway station.

The town of Beauvais faces a significant challenge in rethinking the future of the sites, which are very rich (high environmental and landscaping potential, and an architectural heritage to conserve) but face many constraints: the large-scale clean-up work required, the fact that certain companies are still active, high land prices amongst others.

Following an in-depth appraisal, a project to transform the sites into new residential neighbourhoods was defined and set out in detail. Several scenarios were proposed to give local councillors scope to confirm their objectives, both in terms of creating an attractive, attiring setting for the new residents and environment quality.


Société d’Aménagement de l’Oise – CAB (Communauté d’Agglomération du Beauvais)


Detailed feasibility study and definition of urban planning project, preliminary studies for the multimodal transport hub, and a feasibility study for the logistics hub

Scope 2

Atelier LD was appointed to develop a detailed study, to include operational urbanism, landscape design, ”soft” hydraulics and roads & utilities (VRD). Project value: €450,000 and €7M of works excluding tax.


Multi-site urban development plan (ZAC) for more than 1,000 dwellings, infrastructure, retail and a multimodal transport hub.


Beauvais (60)

Design team

ATELIER LD (lead designer): urban planning, landscaping, roads & utilities (VRD), hydrology // EXPERTISE URBAIN: market study, land use expertise // INDDIGO: transport/mobility // BIOTOPE: environmental studies


Year: 2013 – ongoing // Area: 75 hectares // Estimated cost of works: €44M excluding tax (A, B and E sectors) // Project value: €70,000 excluding tax